Catherine Suen

Be Water

Lead UX Researcher and Award-Winning Industrial Designer.

We are thrilled to be joined by a former Industrial Designer, now UX Researcher, Catherine Suen.

And yes, Catherine works closely with our Creative Director at Smart Tech - as we've said before when you have access to a pool of incredible talent, why not share their stories and experience with the world?

With her career spanning just a decade, Catherine has already created an impressive portfolio, designing experiences for Microsoft, RCA, Honda, Jaguar, Hive and most recently, Vodafone Smart Tech.

Catherine trained initially as an Industrial Designer and worked for a design studio in her home town of Hong Kong before moving to London and completing a double Masters degree in Innovation Design and Engineering. She then went on to work as an Innovation Consultant and helped set up a design lab in Tokyo before returning to the UK and transitioning into UX Research.

Catherine's work has received global recognition picking up awards from Core77, HKDA Global Design Awards, Red Dot and iF! She is also passionate about inspiring others and works as a guest lecturer for the Royal College of Arts.

In our conversation, we discuss Catherine's academic and professional path. What fuels her work and has driven her to try a variety of creative roles. Naturally, we couldn't have her on the show without giving you expert guidance on UX Research practices. Catherine very kindly shares practical advice that you can bake into your own process.

What are you waiting for? Let's get into it.