Catherine Suen

Be Water

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Catherine Suen is a Senior Product Research Lead at Vodafone Smart Tech.

In this episode, Catherine and Ashton discuss her journey from Industrial Designer to Innovation Consultant and UX Researcher, alongside the ideologies that have inspired and shaped her career to date.

Naturally, we couldn't resist asking Catherine for her expert guidance on UX Research, and she didn't disappoint. Catherine provides practical advice on both generative and evaluative methodologies. Alongside explaining the importance of discipline in shaping successful products.

This is a conversation packed with intrigue and inspiration; if you're looking for practical guidance on UX Research, advice on how to enter the industry, or debating your next career move, this will be a great listen for you.


Catherine is an award-winning Designer and UX Researcher with a Bachelors in Industrial Design and double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering. It's no wonder that over the last decade, Catherine has worked with such esteemed companies including Microsoft, RCA, Honda, Jaguar, Hive and most recently, Vodafone Smart Tech.