Gadi Amit

The Culture of Design

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"Are you making tools to improve people's lives?"
- Gadi Amit


We’re joined for the launch of The Design Podcast by internationally renowned designer, Gadi Amit.

Gadi is a multi-award designer and leading authority on the craft. He is the President and Principal Designer of NewDealDesign where for over 20 years he has created products for Dell, Comcast, AT&T, Google, and Fitbit to name a few.

In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Gadi explains the egalitarian culture behind NewDeal’s success. We learn about his design theories such as “the wisdom of the hand”, unpack his design principles, and learn of his passion for visualising complex problems so they can be understood by the many.

We discuss his perspectives on the state of western education and its lack of support for the arts and crafts, alongside Gadi's reflections on where design falls short and where we need to look next.

This is a conversation packed full of insights, stories, and amusing anecdotes (which even include First Lady, Michelle Obama) from a true master of design.


Gadi has been named one of the ‘1000 Most Creative People’ and a ‘Master of Design’ by Fast Company Magazine. In 2013 he and NewDealDesign received National Design Award for an unrelenting commitment to crafting delightful design in everyday tech objects.

An advocate for the design community and improving the human experience, Gadi has collaborated with international publications such as Wired and The Verge and has given multiple talks on the subject - many of which we'd recommend you watch later on YouTube.