Geetika Agrawal

The Nomadic CEO

CEO & Founder of VAWAA

Geetika Agrawal is a former Creative Director, and avid traveller turned tech Founder and CEO of VAWAA. An award-winning travel company with a unique offering – switching a week on the beach for an immersive mini-apprenticeship with a master artist.

Our conversation explores the twists and turns of starting your own business – done in a fashion that challenges convention and has us reflecting on the art of the possible.

We found ourselves inspired throughout as Geetika revealed her journey, from moving halfway across the world to study in Los Angeles to her choice to leave a successful career at R/GA and New York to spend a year travelling the globe and building VAWAA.

Geetika imparts almost a decade's worth of start-up stories and experiences with us – made even more intriguing as she kindly shares advice relevant for any designer looking to move from creating products to building their own company.

Tune in now and hear directly from the inspiring Geetika Agrawal.