Hugo Martin

Inside The Studio

Multi-Award-Winning Product Design Director

In this episode, we’re joined by WMP’s multi-award-winning Director of Product Design, Hugo Martin.

Hugo leads a multidisciplinary creative team taking a holistic approach to design, addressing industrial, brand, film, packaging, and digital experiences. A strategy that's seen the studio's work shape successful outcomes for Wahl, Bolin Webb, Salomon, OCLU and Doro, receiving multiple awards at Red Dot, CES, iF Design Awards.

This wonderful conversation explores a diverse range of topics from Hugo’s personal journey to WMP’s success story and an in-depth look at his work with OCLU, a GoPro competitor that takes a fresh angle to the user experience, from form factor, mounting and film production.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist diving into the studio’s culture and Hugo’s approach to developing client relationships.

Kindly, Hugo, helps us answer some of the big questions for consultants “how do we price our work?” and “can we diversify our revenue streams?”. Hugo talks us through how his transparent approach to pricing and talent sourcing has led to multiple long-term relationships and how that has diversified the studio’s revenue streams.

All this and so much more! Let’s get into it!