Karl Randay

Imperfect, Perfect

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"Step away from the problem and solution will find you."
- Karl Randay


Karl Randay is Head of Design for 383, a progressive Birmingham based Product Studio concerned with designing experiences and client relationships that span the test of time.

In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, Karl shares stories about his career, from his earliest memories of design at high school to working in the creative fields as an Art Director, Producer and Designer.

We discuss how to create human-centred design solutions and utilise cognitive sciences and psychology in the process. Karl also shares his affinity with Wabi Sabi. Where he draws inspiration from and what gives him creative energy.

This is a great listen for anyone interested in the philosophies and science behind impactful design.


Karl Randay is a multi-award-winning designer and photographer. For the last five years, he has directed design projects for 383, a Product Studio and Consultancy that focuses on tackling service and digital problems for their clients.

Over the last 20 years, Karl has worked across the broad tapestry of the Creative and Product industry, creating experiences for fashion, leisure, healthcare, energy, automotive and broadcast brands. Karl also advocates human-centred design through work on his vlog, public speaking events, and mentoring programs. 

Karl's design work has received several awards and reached international audiences. His photography has been featured in National Geographic and displayed in exhibitions in the US.