Karl Randay

Imperfect, Perfect

Head of Design, Art Director and award-winning Photographer.

Today we're joined by a creative leader, designer and award-winning photographer, Karl Randay.

Karl currently leads the design team for the Brummie (Birmingham) based 383, a digital product studio that has created experiences for E-On, Home Serve, Busy Bees, AA, Jaguar and Audi.

Karl has a diverse creative career spanning over two decades, in which he has shaped product solutions for the fashion, leisure, healthcare, energy, automotive and broadcast industries. An advocate for design, Karl regularly speaks on the subject. He also runs a design vlog, 'The User Lab' and works as a mentor with Adplist and

In addition, his creative work doesn't stop with products. He's also an award-winning photographer, with his work featured by the National Geographic and displayed in exhibitions in the U.S.

We had a wonderful conversation with Karl about design theory, philosophy, and cognitive science. This episode mixes career stories and practical advice for shaping successful user experiences.

What are you waiting for? Let's get into it.