Leon Barrett

The Modern Agency

Product Director at 383, Curator at Canvas and Trustee at Awesome BHX.

We're joined by the lovely Leon Barrett, Product Director at the award-winning product agency 383.

Leon trained initially in software engineering and grew his career to Director of Engineering before transitioning into a Product Leadership role. Over his 14 year career, he has created digital products for government, hospitality, finance, automotive, education and retail brands.

Leon currently leads the Product team at 383. Where he and his team of Business Analysts, Product Owners, Product Delivery Leads and Strategists have created experiences for Hilton, Chevrolet, VWFS, Busy Bees, Jaguar Land Rover, E.ON, HomeServe, The AA, National Express and Adidas.

A passionate advocate for Product, Leon engages in public speaking, mentoring and coaching. He is also Curator for the Canvas conference and a Trustee at Awesome BHX.

We discuss Leon's career path, unpack some of the secrets behind 383's success and hear his advice on all things Product. As Leon is our first Product leader on the show, we couldn't resist talking about that vital collaboration between Designers and Product Managers.

We loved the conversation with Leon and share an affinity with perspectives on the Product and Design relationship - it will be music to many creative's ears.

Let's get into it!