Martin Lotti

A Man Of Flight

Chief Design Officer, at Nike’s Jordan Brand

We're over the moon to launch the podcast's third season with the renowned Martin Lotti, Chief Design Officer for the Jordan brand at Nike!

Martin is a 25+ year veteran at Nike, with his work having made history on countless global stages – from the iconic Volt footwear showcased at the 2012 Olympics to his collection of national kits for the 2014 World Cup.

Today Martin oversees the creative direction at Jordan, where he and his team continue to develop outstanding garments and footwear that permeate court and street culture - with that distinct and iconic identity that resonates deeply with millions worldwide.

If that wasn't enough of a sales pitch, Martin has appeared in countless interviews with publishers, including The Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Dezeen and Fast Company.

In this exclusive interview, we look at this iconic designer's backstory, unpacking his earliest memories and influences, his incredibly charming and heartwarming relationship with Nike and Jordan's unique cultural relationship with athletes and customers.

As one of the century's most successful designers, of course, we had to ask Martin to share his insights, and personal design values, alongside some of the unique cultural aspects that drive one of the world's most iconic brands.

You don't want to miss this episode!