Michael Fullman

Let's Make Cool Sh*t

Chief Creative Officer at VTProDesign

Michael Fullman is Chief Creative Officer at VTProDesign, an interactive design consultancy with the mantra "let's make cool sh*t".

Our conversation focuses on unpacking the studio's culture and creative secrets – how they utilise emerging tech, theatre, and diverse opinions within the team to develop experiences for clients, including; Ray-Ban, Netflix and Pokémon.

We look at the risks required to produce 'something new and bold' and the value in embracing the unknown. The secret? To have fun with the process and bring everyone on the journey. Alongside your ability as Michael puts it, "to drown your baby"... (it has to be said he is referring to ideas, not literally infants). This made us laugh, given the brutalist framing, but he makes a great point. You must set aside some of your emotions at a particular stage to develop as an individual and produce meaningful work.

We discuss the unseen vibe and energy of good design, that intangible yet authentic feeling when something unexpected or magical happens. Alongside this, given Michael's experience and portfolio, we ask for his perspectives on Web 3.0 and the Metaverse – its potential of being an enabler for the next evolution in 'community' and the challenges of adoption, purpose and making it accessible for the masses.

You're going to love this one. Tune in now and hear us laugh as we unpack some big topics with Michael.