Richard Jones

Product Design Truth

VP of Product Design at Typeform, formerly Mindgym CPO and iPlayer Creative Director.

We're thrilled to be joined by the wonderfully insightful Richard Jones, VP of Product Design at Typeform.

Over the last two decades, Rich has worked with some incredible brands and held senior roles leading Creative, UX and Product Management teams for the BBC, ASOS, OVO and MindGym.

With such an incredible and unique resume, we couldn't help ourselves from asking Rich some arguably challenging questions on Product and Design. Kindly and with a good deal of laughter, we discuss some of his personal stories and insights that we know you'll love!

We hop into our time machine once again to explore the twists and turns of Rich's career. From his childhood interest in art to his uni days studying sculpture, his experimentation with running an art gallery masquerading as a high street store and how its economics prompted his venture in digital design. We dig into his experience as Creative Director for BBC iPlayer and how his curiosity about the bigger picture led him to work in multiple senior Product roles before returning to his love of design with Typeform.

This is an episode that no Product Designer should miss! Literally decades of insights from someone who has worked their way to the highest level in both Product and Product Design.