William Stuart

Context Is Everything

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"It's often the things unsaid that matter."
- William Stuart


In this episode, we're joined by William Stuart, a multi-award-winning Industrial Design Director at the world-renowned FuseProject.

In his conversation with our host Ashton Snook, we unpack lessons from Will's career, from how to get started in the industry to what it means to be a successful Design Director. We also reflect on some of Will's favourite projects and what it takes to produce outstanding consumer experiences.

If you're interested in Industrial Design, Creative Leadership and what it takes to build a successful design career, this is an episode for you.


William Stuart is the Industrial Design Director at the FuseProject with 15 years of experience in the industry.

Over the years, he has worked on a broad range of products from consumer electronics to aerospace, wearables, and medical tech. Creating award-winning designs for Vodafone, August and Hive, to name a few.